Tips To Build Your Dream Home

Wouldn’t it be fulfilling to build a dream home?  It can be a long and painstaking experience trying to plan, design and construct a home without some guidance. Here are the steps on how to start the process.

1. Research: Pour your heart and time into researching the perfect land, location, style, floor plans, theme, financing options, community, builder, home association restrictions, square footage, utilities and amenities. Visit open houses just to get an idea of what turns you on and what displeases your eye.

2. Call me 703-224-6000 and we can find you the perfect plot of land to fit your family’s needs. Suburban, rural area, by a body of water, in the heart of a city…let me know and we can work out the perfect plot of land for this dream abode! We can go over the lot shape, homesite possibilities, views, landscape and community.

3. Hire an architect and builder. Go through drafts of blue prints and a home building project plan. Read your home contracts, fixed contract and cost plus contract carefully. Research how to get construction permits.

4. Shop for materials, flooring, appliances, utilities and interior preferences.

5. Hire an interior designer and decorator.



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