Real Estate Investing Tips

If done properly, investing in properties can earn you cash. Real estate can feel intimidating…deadlines, contracts, inspections, appraisals, marketing…but let me do the hard work for you! The world is full of resources sharing sound advice but since these tips come straight from an experience real estate guru. I hope you enjoy my thoughts about real estate investing!

1. Think It Over & Research: Real estate is not a ‘spur of the moment’ investment to score money overnight.  Owning property is time consuming but also rewarding.  Self-research the focus area that you’d like to tackle… whether that is farm land, apartment complexes, retail, REIT’s, commercial, condo or remodel flip projects.

2. Study Market Trends: Research your desired location. Before making your move and diving with two feet in, check out a few local auctions. Look around at foreclosure property options to see cheaper rates.

3. Secure Funds: Secure your finances, cash and funds before the investing process. If a great property deal comes along, chances are other eyes are also following that deal. (Investing can get competitive.) Also study the tax implications on a property to see the pros and cons.

4. Find A Mentor: Shoot me a call at (202) 552-0963 and I can show you around to help set up an investing plan. We can set realistic goals together and work on a purchase that will make you happy.

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